The whole daily fibre requirement is supplier: FIG


Crowns built with fig leaves in ancient Greece were the symbol of fertility. Figs born with the love of one male and one female fig tree. The most common fruit in Adam and Eve stories.

It is a fruit rich in fibre and potassium. With only 5 figs, the whole daily fibre requirement is supplied. This increases intestinal motility and regulates intestinal flora. Fig is a powerful antioxidant and contains Vit-B6 and magnesium. It helps cell regeneration and increases immunity. The calcium content in 2 figs is equal to 1 cup of milk.

Fig should not be consumed too much because of 40% sugar of composition. The figs also contribute greatly to the ecosystem. 1200 live species on the earth are fed with figs. These species also help spread the seeds of fig.