Rawcot – Raw Apricot

The apricot, called “Sun Blossoming Fruit” in Asia, was called “Golden Apple” in Europe in ancient times. The city of Malatya, which as an apricot garden, was called “Melitue” which means fruit garden during the Hittites.


100 grams of dried apricots contain 24 grams of dietary fibre. The daily dietary fibre requirement of an adult person is 25 grams. Apricots are very low calorie, contain plenty of nutrients.

Scientists argue that apricot is associated with longevity and health. Because apricot contains 10 times more magnesium than other fruits. It is an excellent source for calcium and iron. So it is especially useful for children and pregnant women.

Improves brain function due to high levels of magnesium and phosphorus. Carotenoid which is an antioxidant keeps the body healthy. It is recommended for constipation because it is a fibre depot increases bowel movements.