Rawnut – Raw Hazelnut

In our opinion, hazelnut is the magic cookie that makes cocoa a real flavour.
The southern coastal cities of the Black Sea mobilize for hazelnut harvesting each year in August and September.


Iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, which is the daily need of an adult, can be supply from 100gr nuts.

Hazelnut has 1-3% dietary fibre. Its sodium is low but magnesium and potassium are high. Therefore, it plays an important role in regulating blood pressure in the body. It is rich in iron, contains quality protein. The protein contained in the hazelnut is higher than the eggs and grains; equal to meat and legumes. It is suitable for vegan nutrition and low glycemic index diet.

It contains Oleic and Linoleic acid which must be taken from outside and cannot be synthesized by the body, which is necessary for the growth and healthy development of the organism.