How did we start?

Ecoana was founded in 2013 as a joint venture of two dreamers, one of which is Designer and, the other is Engineer. The Ecoana Team came together to support local, sustainable farmers in the countryside and to bring these farmers together with consumers living in the city. We were white-collar employees living in metropolitan areas until 2013.
We have started our first movement because of the inability to reach natural and healthy snacks in our offices where we spend a large part of our time.

Then we found ourselves spending each holiday on the farms and village roads.
During these short trips, we started to witness the problems experienced by producers and farmer families.
And we decided to take the first step for the Ecoana Idea.

What have we done? What are we doing?

For this ideal, we first started to train ourselves. We joined the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute Program as a social enterprise team from Turkey and learned the rules of entrepreneurship. In 2014, we started to build our own caravan and mobile office to move to the countryside. Again, the same year we were one of the social enterprise supported by BNP Paribas and Turkish Economy Bank.

During the years 2015-2016, we visited small and local producers in Turkey’s western and southern regions with our caravans, we have identified problems and needs. In 2017 we decided to change our own lives and moved from the big city to the countryside to be closer to the producers. We started a new life in the rural areas of İzmir and Kocaeli, close to agricultural production areas. With Zafer joining the team in 2017, Ecoana took the first real step for a sustainable and fair production ideal.
And finally created the Ecoana products you can safely consume.

We are now taking an important step to be the supporter of small and local producers who continue their natural production with sustainable and traditional methods and to bring these products together in an ethical way with European responsive companies and teams.


Özgür Yücel
Özgür YücelCo-Founder
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Ahu Binici
Ahu BiniciCo-Founder
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Zafer Ertem
Zafer ErtemCo-Founder
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